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50ohm Technologies develops software for measurements automation, components modeling and RF and microwave circuits design

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We can develop a software to automate your business processes based on our solutions or create new.
Non-standard inductor geometry allows saving the useful area of the wafer. However, the necessary inductors may not be present in a PDK.

Inductor Toolbox — NI AWR Microwave Office wizard for unique inductor layout generating by geometry and inductance value requirements. Choose inductor geometry, set parameters and get ready to use inductor layout.
Demo-version is available.
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Success stories
50ohm Technologies produces excellent budget solutions that help us with prompt proceeding and analyzing of measurements results. We want to highlight intuitive UI and support of custom software extension.
Aleksey Kondratenko
Lead Engineer of AVK Design Team Company
Microwave circuit design often requires the specialized utilities and software development since the existing standard solutions are rarely optimal. This distracts designer from the primary task.
The uniqueness of the 50ohm Technologies team is that they precisely understand the technical tasks essence, choose efficient solutions for their products, and meet client halfway with solving the professional and organizational issues.
Alexey Budyakov
JSC "NPP "Pulsar" Head of Department
The on-line measurement analysis is an essential feature for the thin-film microwave resonators development.
Cooperation with 50ohm Technologies allowed our company to simplify and speed up the data processing significantly.
We've received a convenient and reliable software product due to the expertise and attention to our requirements from the company team.
Ivan Shukov
Analyst Engineer JSC "Svetlana-Rost"
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