50ohm Technologies
Software solutions for microwave electronics
50ohm Technologies develops software for measurements automation, components modeling and RF and microwave circuits design.

We offer solutions for the automation of work processes, taking into account the individual characteristics of the enterprise. Our mission is to provide developers of microwave devices with simple and convenient tools that will enable them to realize their creative potential.

Main Activities

Measurements automation
Radioelectronic components testing is a time-consuming procedure and may significantly increase time-to-market. We offer a system for automation of clients measurements. Predefined components and devices measurements scenarios will speed up testing and increase measurements efficiency.
Development of data bases and programs for measurement results analysis
Measurement data organization is an issue for many radioelectronic enterprises. Unstructured measurements data not could be quickly accessed and intellectually analyzed. We offer the development of data bases for measurements results storage and analysis. Quick data access facilitates as well recognition of problems, which may arise from process variation, as parameters control and components verification and rejection. Our tools will significantly simplify this task.
Electronic components modeling
With our software you can simplify and automate components modeling while reducing design costs. We offer solutions based on our author's techniques, but also can consider your or known in articles techniques.
Microwave devices design
Circuit topology and layout design is the most complex step of microwave device design. Our handpicked team has extensive experience of intellectual tools design. Our programs proved successful in solving practical problems and provide a number of solutions to select the one more suitable for further realization.

Moreover we can help you to automate design flow in popular EDA software for microwave devices and integration between them.
Scientific and technical documentation preparation
Statistically, documentation preparation can consume up to third of engineer's working hours. But engineer's time is too valuable to spend it on reports, publication and datasheet creation, which requires lots of routine operations. Our software solutions include documentation templates to simplify plots and documents creation.

Forms of cooperation

Discuss with us your day-to-day operation issues.
We will be glad to provide your company an appropriate solution!
Off the shelf solutions
We provide you user licenses for 50ohm Technologies software and first-line support.
Software adaptation
We provide you software development plan and, moreover, you can both affect features development order and propose your own features or contribute to early software testing.
Custom software design
We design software and provide its maintaining and adaptation with due regard to non-disclosure agreement.
Success stories
50ohm Technologies produces excellent budget solutions that help us with prompt proceeding and analyzing of measurements results. We want to highlight intuitive UI and support of custom software extension.
Aleksey Kondratenko
Lead Engineer of AVK Design Team Company
Microwave circuit design often requires the specialized utilities and software development since the existing standard solutions are rarely optimal. This distracts designer from the primary task.
The uniqueness of the 50ohm Technologies team is that they precisely understand the technical tasks essence, choose efficient solutions for their products, and meet client halfway with solving the professional and organizational issues.
Alexey Budyakov
JSC "NPP "Pulsar" Head of Department
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