Inductor Toolbox
NI AWR Microwave Office wizard for unique inductor layout generating by geometry and inductance value requirements
Layout generating by few parameters
A developer may need inductor with the unique layout for microwave device design. Non-standard geometry allows saving the useful area of the wafer. However, the necessary inductors may not be present in a PDK, and the manual design of unique inductor layout with desired inductance requires a lot of effort due to trials and errors in the EM simulator.

Inductor Toolbox solves this problem. It will automatically generate inductor layout for your requirements and free up the time for creative work.
Improve design efficiency
An inductor designer works in tight constraints because the device should meet geometry and electrical requirements.This task can take many hours, actually stopping circuit design. Now this work is fully automated. Choose inductor geometry, set parameters and get ready to use inductor layout.

How it works

To get a custom inductor topology for your requirements, you need to do 5 simple steps:
Choose inductor geometry
The program includes round spiral, square spiral, octagonal and rectangular geometries.
Set parameters
Specify the inductance, the number of turns, spacing between turns, etc.
Specify layer materials
Choose material for each layer from list loaded from NI AWR Microwave Office.
Inductor Toolbox generates layout
The program needs a few seconds to calculate.
Get layout in EDA
Layout will be added to the NI AWR Design Environment project configured for AXIEM 3D planar simulation.

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Other features
Inductor Toolbox approach can be expanded to other electronic elements. We may develop a solution for devices and other elements layouts generation according to your needs.
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